Are you searching for a private label flavored coffee brand that lets you select from dozens of unique taste options? Look no further than Magnum Coffee Roastery! We have traditional blends, organic blends, and decaf blends, as well as a ton of everyday and seasonal flavors.

Popular Blends

Looking for a classic, balanced coffee taste? There is something in our Popular Coffees for everyone! The Breakfast Blend is well-balanced and subtle, and our Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend is smooth, yet rich and full-bodied. Prefer something more intense? Our French Roast is bold and flavorful, while our Painted Black is rich, and our Sumatra is a blend of earthy and spicy. We also have a flavorful Big Island Blend, a House Blend, and a fragrant Rainforest Blend. Our Costa Rican blend is also a winner, as are the Tanzania Peaberry, Black and Tan, and Magnum Madness.

Organic Blends

If you prefer an organic solution to your coffee needs, Magnum’s Organic Blends have you covered. Our House Blend, Rainforest Blend, Sumatra Blend, and Costa Rican blend are all available in organic varieties. We also recommend our Organic Guatemalan, Organic Honduran, Organic Ethiopian, and Organic Peru blends. Our Organic Espresso gives you the classic roasted flavor, and the Organic Fogcutter is smoky and satisfying.

Decaf Blends

Instead, do you want the rich flavor of Magnum Coffee, but without the caffeine? We also offer our Breakfast Blend, Fogcutter, and French Roast blends in decaf. Try our high-mountain Decaf Columbian, with a sultry aroma and intense flavor. In other words, we have coffee for every possible time of day!

Magnum Flavors

Alternatively, our Everyday Flavors offer a twist on our classic tastes, and are sure to satisfy all coffee lovers! For instance, sample America’s favorite, the Hazelnut blend, with its brilliant flavor and rich aroma, or Caramel, soft and buttery. We also offer French Vanilla and Decaf French Vanilla for that sweet, smooth flavor you crave.

Lastly, in the holiday season, keep an eye out for our special Seasonal Selections, which include Bloomin’ Flowers, Storms-a-Brewing, Spring Fever, Cup O’ Luck, Liquid Gold, Nutty Leprechaun, Irish Delight, Vegas (Golden) Nights, Peanut Butter Cookie, White Chocolate Cherry, Caramel Pecan, Highlander Grogg, Sunrise Cocktail, Berries n’ Creme, Chocolate Raspberry, Rain Drops, Chocolate Mudslide, Winter Wonderland, and Café Horchata varieties.

Instead, are you looking for something different? Do you have a specific flavor you’d like? Contact us, we have endless possibilities for private label coffee and private label flavored coffee!

Would you like to effortlessly grow your coffee category? With extremely low exposure and risk, you can build a fully customized private label program. Let’s collaborate to create a unique coffee destination for your customers. Contact us for details!

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