Bagged Products

Magnum’s creative packaging can help you capture coffee lovers’ attention.
 Our affordable, automated foil-packaging solutions are created in-house to keep the costs lower, and offer the following benefits:

  • Rear fin & four corner seal
  • Prints up to 8-color rotor gravure
  • Easy peel and non-peel material
  • UPC code stamps
  • Handles hot stamping
  • Offers nitrogen flushing and vacuum packing to maintain freshness
  • Offers one-way valves to keep air out and coffee fresh

Packaging options include:

  • 1 oz. — 96 oz. side gusset bags with valve
  • 8 oz. — 32 oz. four corner seal bags with valve
  • 1 oz. — 8 oz. brick pack bags
  • 1 oz. — 8 oz. pillow pack bags
  • In-room hotel filter packs with overwrap
  • Single serve