The Big Bean

Magnum Coffee Roastery is family-owned and headed by a true coffee connoisseur. Our owner, affectionately known as “The Big Bean,” has been creating a buzz in the industry for over twenty-five years. His heavily caffeinated approach brings energy to our customers and an unmatched passion to the daily grind at the office. And under his guidance we have become one of the leading private label coffee suppliers in the country.

Our History

Like many college students, The Big Bean developed a taste for coffee during late night study sessions at college. This led to his pursuit of a career in the emerging specialty and wholesale coffee business, and even a Master’s thesis on the emerging specialty coffee industry. You could say that we could see the coffee specialization boom brewing long ago, and we’ve been on the forefront of the industry ever since.

Our first business endeavors involved co-packing for other coffee roasters, but we quickly moved to roasting and packing of our own coffees. Applying our vast knowledge of and passion for the coffee industry, we have become experts in creating custom coffee packaging and other private label programs.