Private label coffee definition

Considering private label coffee, but unsure of what it all means or how it works? Look no further, as Magnum Coffee Roastery is the ideal partner to get you up to speed! Our private label coffee definition is as follows: when a coffee roasting and packaging company (like Magnum) partners with an existing brand to create product(s) which is then sold under that brand’s label.

For example, whether you are a small “mom and pop” shop or an international grocery company seeking gourmet or discount coffees in your branding, Magnum can work with you to find special blends and pricing that suits your customer’s needs. We will take care of everything – from sourcing, roasting, and packaging the beans. All you have to do is select which materials and graphic customizations you want and work with us to achieve your own coffee brand!

Additionally, if you are a retailer or distributor looking to sell a unique variety of coffee blends, private labeling with Magnum is the perfect option! If you want a range of various flavors, or even organic and speciality blends, we will work with you to create a line of coffee products that are sure to delight.

No business is too small or too big to private label with Magnum, so contact us today to discuss your specific needs and desires. In other words, help us help you!

Would you like to effortlessly grow your coffee category? With extremely low exposure and risk, you can build a fully customized private label program. Let’s collaborate to create a unique coffee destination for your customers. Contact us for details!

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