Are you searching for a healthy private label coffee partner? Look no further than Magnum Coffee Roastery! We have the highest-quality, ethically sourced premium beans so you can start off your morning with a healthy cup.

Our beans

Our pursuit of the perfect, healthy coffee begins with quality sourcing. First, all of our 100 percent Arabica coffee beans are grown between 4,000 and 6,000 feet above sea level between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. This is a region well-known for its quality coffee, and gives the coffee a smooth, rich taste.

Next, we cup the coffee off-site to assess flavor, transport the beans and re-cup them to maintain the highest standards. Lastly, we then process them with care into the coffee Americans love from coast to coast!

We offer several organic options in order to ensure that your daily cup of coffee is as healthy as possible. Some of our coffee is also Fair Trade certified, so you can be assured it was ethically sourced.

Drinking healthy coffee

Health experts advise that the healthiest cup of coffee is enjoyed black, without sugar or milk. Luckily, every cup of Magnum coffee tastes great on its own, whether you like premium black coffee, or one of our many flavoured blends. Whatever your favorite type of coffee, Magnum Coffee Roastery has you covered. Contact us today to see why we are one of America’s leaders in healthy private label coffee!

Would you like to effortlessly grow your coffee category? With extremely low exposure and risk, you can build a fully customized private label program. Let’s collaborate to create a unique coffee destination for your customers. Contact us for details!

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