What is Private Label Coffee

Have you heard of “private label”? If your answer is ‘yes’ then read on to better your current understanding. If ‘no’, then you should definitely take notes. No matter your answer, this article is a helpful tool in order to learn exactly what is private label coffee.

First of all, the dictionary definition of “private label” is a little confusing. It is described as “the label of a product, or the product itself, sold under the name of a wholesaler or retailer, by special arrangement with the manufacturer or producer” (via www.dictionary.com).

Allow us to break this down for you!

Label or Product – This is the coffee in its packaging.

Wholesaler or Retailer – This is you and your store(s).

Manufacturer or Producer – This is us and our company.

So how does it sound now? “The coffee in its packaging, sold under the name of your store, by special arrangement with us”.

Making more sense now? Let’s dig deeper…

What is the difference between white label?

Similarly, you may have heard of the phrase, “white label” which is like private label, but still has a different meaning. Although this phrase has been used in conjunction, that is incorrect. “White label” products have a significantly different position.

Firstly, the main difference between the two phrases is the amount of customization and type of products customized. Typically, white label products include minimal customization of non-perishable products (i.e. software or hygiene products). Such as having a “one label fits all” model. Private label products, however, involve more specific personalization of premium and/or perishable items.

Secondly, while white label normally operates with a “one label fits all” model, that also applies to its distribution. For example, razors may be created under a custom label and shipped out to a variety of grocery stores. Whereas, with private label products they are likely a unique label for each individual store. In our case, that is coffee! Want some?

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