Do you have Mitten pride, and are you looking for a coffee to match? Magnum Coffee Roastery is a proud family-owned company, manufacturing private label coffee in Michigan, so try our coffee and discover what sets us apart! Magnum has over 25 years of experience in the competitive coffee market, and we can help you with all your private label needs!

Local tradition, national reach

Founded in Nunica, Michigan, Magnum Coffee is a local private label supplier with a national reach. We private label coffee for influential brands from coast to coast, thanks to our recent expansion to Las Vegas, Nevada. From our massive 40,000-square-foot roasting facility mere miles from Lake Michigan, to our plant in the Entertainment Capital of the World, and everywhere in between, Magnum Coffee has what it takes to provide quality coffee. We produce over 11 million cups of coffee per day with our state-of-the-art equipment, and we are here to help you!

However, even with our wide reach, we promise that every cup of Magnum coffee is held to the high standards we set for ourselves. Firstly, this commitment starts with our specialty beans, which are grown between 4,000 and 6,000 feet above sea level between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. With their smooth, rich taste, your private label coffee customers won’t be able to get enough! Secondly, we pick the beans at the peak of their ripeness, then transport them carefully back to the United States. Finally, we process them into the unique flavors and blends you know and love.

Our philosophy

Magnum Coffee takes the responsibility of representing your brand seriously. That’s why we personally travel to farms all over the world to make sure our 100 percent Arabica beans are the finest you can find. This is an ongoing commitment, and we will never stop trying to improve our coffee. As a result, we can tailor the product to your exact specifications, from flavor to packaging. Similarly, if your coffee isn’t selling, we will work with you to make things right. This means that, no matter what challenges you face, Magnum Coffee will be there to help you reach your private label goals.

Try our dozens of flavors, or work with us to create your own, and you’ll see why we’re a favorite throughout the Great Lakes State, and throughout the United States! Coffee is our passion, and our track record speaks for itself with how profitable private labeling can be! Stop by today, or contact us so we can show you how good private label coffee from Michigan can taste!

Would you like to effortlessly grow your coffee category? With extremely low exposure and risk, you can build a fully customized private label program. Let’s collaborate to create a unique coffee destination for your customers. Contact us for details!

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