Gourmet Coffee

Most coffee is grown in the area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, the region that yields the finest coffee. These specialty Arabica coffee beans are grown between 4,000 and 6,000 feet above sea level to gain the unique flavors that we require. Café Trading, Magnum’s coffee experts, travel to remote and exotic regions to import only the finest quality 100% Arabica specialty coffee beans. We have established lasting relationships with coffee farmers and their families, and we’re confident that our sources are well taken care of and properly compensated for their hard work and expertise. Picked by hand at the peak of ripeness, the beans are processed with care and then meticulously graded and separated by bean size and density.

Coffee by Type

Special Blends
We bring out the best in each coffee by carefully and creatively combining our 100% Arabica specialty coffee beans to elicit the richest, most robust flavor.

Flavored Coffees

We offer an extensive variety of uniquely flavored coffees. From Vanilla Hazelnut to Raspberry White Chocolate to Caramel Creme, these coffees are perfectly roasted and then gently flavored to bring out a taste like no other.


Magnum Coffee Roastery organic coffee is certified to be 100% pesticide and artificial fertilizer-free in its production. We take great care in responsibly procuring and roasting the highest quality 100% Arabica organic specialty coffee beans. We also offer a wide variety of organic beans that are both OCIA and USDA certified organic.

Fair Trade
Fair Trade coffee is sold above a minimum price, set by strict rules governing coffee-producing cooperatives as certified by Transfair, USA. We offer Magnum Exotics Dark Notes and Magnum Exotics French Roast Fair Trade coffees that satisfy the Fair Trade rules as well as taste buds.


Magnum offers a full line of KSA Kosher certified coffee and tea products.


Magnum Coffee Roastery meets the extremely high standards of OCIA organic certification. Magnum is also SQF level 3.