How to sell private label coffee

If you have private label coffee set up for retail then you are already steps ahead of your competition! Whether you have a bulk, bagged or single serve program, there are several things you can do to boost your sales in store. Read to learn best practices in how to sell private label coffee…

Tip #1 – Train Your Staff

With a well-trained staff you are able to educate customers and increase sales for your company. Information such as roast description, coffee origin, and blend notes are extremely helpful when promoting your coffee brand. Not only will this aid in selling the item, but this added value will also keep people loyal and coming back for more!

Tip#2 – Change Its Placement

Depending on the size of your store, you may also be able to re-position your line. Is your private label coffee program placed in a high-traffic area at eye level? A trick of the trade is to add the items on an end cap (at the end of the aisle) to grab customers’ attention. Another suggested placement is to put it among like shopping items such as, dry grocery or specialty items (i.e. salty snacks, baking goods, etc.)? Any of these small adjustments can go a long way for sales.

Tip#3 – Create Promotional Schedules

In addition, creating promotional schedules for your private label program will only help it to grow. Altering the price-point with discounts and temporary price reductions (TPRs) will attract attention from your customers and highlight the product your selling. Some examples of smart promotions include “2 for 1 deals” and “$1 off items”. Easy and impactful, if people feel like they are getting a good deal then they are more likely to act. Another tip for creating value!

Tip#4 – Schedule Demos with Co-Promotions

You’ve probably heard this saying before, “try before you buy”. Utilizing a staffing company, in-store demos can be one of the greatest call to actions among your customers. Take Costco for example. Free samples are always a game-changer! Plus, how could you say ‘no’ to F-R-E-E?

Finally, today more stores are catching on to the idea of co-promoting. Pairing like items, they find that customers prefer to have things laid out for them. The easier it is, the quicker they are to buy. Picture browsing a store and seeing that you could purchase a bag of coffee with a box of cookies for a bundled deal. So why not? It takes out all the guess work. Brainless is the new convenience!

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