Private label coffee has many cost benefits, which make it preferable compared to other coffees manufactured. With private labels, you can often expect to see reduced costs in several key aspects of business. These include higher price of sales to consumers, a high degree of customization, and the streamlining of the farm-to-buyer process. All in which costs are kept low for your benefit.

Higher price of sales

Firstly, customers perceive private label coffee as being higher in quality. Because of this, the coffee sells at higher rates. Magnum Coffee Roastery meets this high standard of quality, allowing companies to provide the best possible product at the lowest possible private label cost. The quality of our coffee is better than you will find elsewhere, and we sell it for a better price! Additionally, you can include heavy markups on our products for retail sales. This means you are much more likely to turn a profit when compared to other coffee-production methods. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we can assure you that private label coffee sells, even over popular name brands!

Personal customization

Similarly, private label coffee operators will benefit from Magnum’s ability to customize our coffee for you. Our packaging methods and materials are state-of-the-art, and we work with you to make sure the product comes out just the way you would like. We will create as many SKUs or items as you see fit, and if they don’t sell, we’ll help you change them out. Magnum also has a vast range of flavored coffees, and our coffee can taste any way you would like it to. Private labeling with Magnum means your product will look and taste exactly how you want!

Streamlining the farm-to-buyer process

Finally, established coffee brands like Magnum have a preexisting relationship with growers and traders. This means our product is kept at the lowest possible cost. For an up-and-coming coffee brand, private label can be enormously influential. This is because the business does not have to seek out and negotiate costs with growers, along with figuring out shipping costs, export and import taxes, and other associated costs.

When you contract with Magnum Coffee, we ensure quality, which means private label coffee costs can be kept low. Our business is established and has a long history of excellence in product and sales. As a provider of private label coffee, we are cost-effective and produce the best quality coffee money can buy. We do all this while getting rid of the headaches of starting from square one. In other words, this means that private label coffee prices can be kept low, making it easy for you to provide top-notch quality.

Would you like to effortlessly grow your coffee category? With extremely low exposure and risk, you can build a fully customized private label program. Let’s collaborate to create a unique coffee destination for your customers. Contact us for details!

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