Good Drinks

GoodDrinks™ is a complete line of top-quality sauces, drink mixes and concentrates, including Chatta™.
 All made without high-fructose corn syrup.


Chatta is the newest in our line of high-fructose corn-syrup-free sauces, mixes and concentrates. This classic Hispanic, gluten free recipe combines complex vanilla and spicy cinnamon notes into one refreshing, brand-new, dairy-free signature option. Add it to your menu and serve it steamed or blended.

Dark Chocolate

GoodDrinks Dark Chocolate Sauce offers an unparalleled richness and intense flavor. Delicious and easy to blend and serve hot or cold, this decadent gluten free café staple will keep chocolate-loving customers coming back time after time.

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

Our Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Sauce provides all the goodness, with none of the guilt. The sweet, rich taste that belies its name, and this gluten free, calorie-conscious sauce gives customers on restricted diets the opportunity to indulge.

Ghana Single Origin Dark Chocolate

The first in our line of handcrafted Single Origin Chocolate Sauces, this gluten free sauce offers the pristine, unadulterated flavor of West African Omanhene cacao, one of the world’s purest chocolates. Enjoy its exotically rich taste hot, iced or blended.

White Chocolate

When you’re ready to mix things up—hot or iced, paired with espresso or on its own—the smooth, creamy decadence of our gluten free White Chocolate Sauce will lend an air of elegance to your specialty beverage lineup.


Made with creamy condensed milk and sugar, this sauce is wonderful either hot or iced and topped with whipped cream. Take your customer’s caramel craving to a guilt free place, while also keeping it gluten free.